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Regarding Apple

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Regarding Email

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Regarding Google Translate

www.savethemessage.com has added a link to a translation feature developed by Google™ Inc., entitled Google™ Translate, to assist visitors to the www.savethemessage.com website understand information contained on the website in a variety of foreign languages.

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Regarding Paypal and Processing of Payments made through Paypal

For your convenience, www.savethemessage.com has added a direct payment link to the Paypal Payment system. What is PayPal? Although you may have a Paypal account already, you are not required to do so and may use your credit or debit card to purchase our products.
It is our goal to ensure a quality experience each and every time you deal with us. Which is why we implement strict Rules and Guidelines when it comes to your financial safety.
In accordance with this policy we reserve the right to, including but not limited to, taking the following actions:

Set Limits

  • Limit both the number and the total amount of payments per PayPal account or credit card (guest account) per day, week, or month.

  • Limit the sending country of the PayPal account to expected countries.

  • Limit the geo-location of the buyer s IP address to expected countries. Compare the IP geolocation with other localization variables such as credit card billing address or phone address reverse lookup.

  • Limit the number of PayPal accounts that can fund a merchant s account to one.

  • Limit the amount of money, or licenses, new customers can add to their accounts.

  • Restrict email changes. Institute a confirmation process whenever a customer changes his or her email address. Consider implementing other criteria after a certain number of changes.

Track Customers

  • Track IP addresses. Log IP addresses whenever you sign in.

  • Use cookies.

  • Create a payment history for each customer. We may record all incoming payments including the IP addresses and cookies used for each payment.

Block and Hold

  • Block access when necessary. If suspicious activity occurs, we may prevent you from from logging in while we conduct an investigation.

  • Hold funds when necessary.

  • Provide Automated responses. We may immediately lock out any account connected with possibly fraudulent activities.

  • Ban customers on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) List of Specially Designated Nationals. We may prevent customers with OFAC IPs, addresses, or names from creating an account.

  • Delay product delivery or access for accounts deemed "risky", or that require additional review.